Most of out international customers know ANSUL (ANSUL Holland) as an innovative manufacturer of foam fire fighting equipment, and especially of remote operated long-range monitors. We would like to introduce ourselves and our other reliable fire protection products, which may be of interest to you. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your need for products or advice for fire extinguishers, fighting systems and components. 

About our company

For more than half a century, ANSUL has been a mayor player in the fire-fighting market in Holland and Belgium as a manufacturer and service company of top-class portable and wheeled extinguishers, hose lines, foam systems, clean-agent gas systems, kitchen suppression systems, large dry powder systems, twin-agent systems, foam monitors and mixing equipment and a full line of foam concentrates and dry powders. In addition, we help our customers with safety advice, engineering, project management, fire training, evacuation plans and regular maintenance.

Furthermore, our Export and Trade Department is successful in providing contractors, other firefighting companies, export agencies and our international customers and distributors with required products. Our products have been exported to customers in dozens of outher countries.

ANSUL is an independent manufacturer and an official distributor of ANSUL Inc. from WI-USA. Our company is approved according to ISO 9001, 14001, VCA** safety at work and others. Our products are approved according to EN/CE/PED, LPCB, UL, FM, Lloyds, DNV, ABS or ICAO and designed according to NFPA and other requirements.

Our product range includes:

  Remote operated monitors
  • featuring the most advanced remote operating system on the market
  • long-range, low pressure-loss, compact and classical turret design made in highly corrosive resistant stainless steel quality 316
  • special executions for (oil&gas) Jetty-protection, FiFi (½, 1, 2)-maritime and industrial applications
  • electric and/or hydraulic powered, explosion proof rated
  • nominal bore 3 up to 10 inch gives capacities up to 3000 m3/h
  • choice of long-range branch pipe, aspirated branch pipe or spray-jet remote controlled nozzles

 Manual operated monitors

  • completely made in highly corrosive resistant stainless steel quality 316 for many years of
  • hand wheel and worm wheel or level operated
  • nominal bore 2-1/2 up to 6 inch gives capacities from 60 up to 1200 m3/h
  • complete range of nozzles and branch pipes

 Mobile foam equipment

  • AW130 Mobilcart holding 130 ltr of foam concentrate complete with adjustable inductor, hoses and branch pipe
  • Fixed and portable foam generators for low, medium and high expansion

 Foam mixing 0,5-6% and storage equipment

  • Balanced pressure proportioner
  • Wide-range flanged inductor
  • Efficient between flange proportioner
  • Around-the-pump proportioner
  • Gear-driven and vertical foam pump
  • Bladdertank vertical or horizontal
  • FM-approved foam mix packages

 Foam fire extinguishing compound / concentrate

  • AFFF 1%, 3%, 6%
  • AR-AFFF 1x1, 1x3, 3x6
  • FFFP 3%, 6%
  • AR-FFFP 3x3, 3x6
  • MB 3, 15
  • FP 3%, 6%
  • ANSUL-A (Class-A concentrate)

 Fire extinguishing dry powder / dry chemical

  • Full line for ABC (Foray and others) BC (Purple-K and others) and D-fires
  • Components and spare parts for refill and service

Wheeled fire extinguishers

  • Full range with 10 up to 140 kg of agent
  • Foray ABC powder, Purple-K BC powder, CO2, AFFF, AR-AFFF
  • Pressurized by Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide
  • Special range for very demanding environments (CR, Redline)
  • Specials: wide wheels for sandy surfaces, covers, spares, etc.

Large manual-operated units

  • Skid-mounted twin-agent units
  • Trailer-mounted twin-agent units
  • Trailer-mounted foam-pump units
  • Large dry powder skids

Portable fire extinguishers

  • Full range of cartridge operated and constant pressure extinguishers with 1 up to 12,5 kg of agent
  • ABC powder, BC powder, CO2, AFFF, Eco-foam, Clean-agent gas, Water, Kitchen-class
  • Special range for very demanding environments (Master, Redline E G)
  • Spare parts for other well-known manufacturers
  • Refill agents, equipment and spares for refill & maintenance

 Special applications

  • Spill control products and applicators
  • Vehicle fire suppression systems

 Fixed fire suppression systems

  • Carbon Dioxide, Inergas, BC or ABC powder, Novec, FM-200, Kitchen R-102, Hybrid kitchen (Piranha), Foam mix or pre-mix
  • Complete engineered or pre-engineered systems with detection and control panel

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